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Ped Xing Signs

Ped xing signs remind motorists to give way to pedestrians

Ped xing signs or pedestrian crossing signs are pretty common for a reason: they augment crosswalks and keep it safer. Some studies have shown that putting these safety signs up lower accidents by a significant degree. This alone should be reason enough to put these signs up, even if the laws in your area requires that motorists give the right of way to people crossing. As a general rule however, it’s always nice to have these signs up as a reminder since one accident is already one accident too many. Start securing the streets around your area with pedestrian crossing signs from Seton.com and help promote safety in your area.

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  • Push Button LED Crosswalk Signs

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  • Roll-Up Sign - Flagger Symbol

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Ped xing signs make crosswaks safer for pedestrians

Ped xing signs augment crosswalk safety by informing motorists that they need to slow down and give way to pedestrians. These signs are ideal for school zones, hospitals, and other areas with high pedestrian traffic. When properly placed, these signs can potentially lower accidents and improve the safety of pedestrians who cross the street. A variety of signs are available including signs with reflectivity options to ensure that it is highly visible to motorists even during low light conditions. Choose from a variety of designs including ones with graphics on them to help with quicker identification of the sign from both pedestrians and drivers.

Use your ped xing signs effectively

Pedestrian crossing signs are like retail stores, it’s all about location. It is important that motorists will see these sign and have ample time to slow down . This means mounting them at a proper height. You also need to make sure that if it will be used in the evening that the sign reflective. That said, don’t forget to invest in a good post for mounting the sign. After all, the sign only works if it’s up, and having to remount it every few days can be a time consuming chore.

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