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Activity Drinks

Activity drinks keep people hydrated during streneous activity

Heat management can be a difficult proposition for most workers. Rehydration solutions such as activity drinks and sport drinks are essential to avoid heat stress, especially during strenuous activity. Offerings from companies such as Sqwincher and Gatorade are ideal for replacing liquids lost through sweating. Their proprietary formulas also helps people retain liquid making them less likely to experience heat stroke. So check out our selection of activity drinks and pick some up today!

13 Products

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  • Gatorade® 1 Gallon Liquid Concentrate

    Starting at $56.72
    Case of 4 Each
  • Gatorade® 20 oz Thirst Quencher

    Case of 24 Each
  • Gatorade® 1 Gallon Powder Drink Mix

    Starting at $77.26
    Case of 40 Each
  • Gatorade® 11.6 oz Can

    Starting at $20.45
    Case of 24 Each
  • Gatorade® 6 Gallon Powder Mix

    Starting at $147.95
    Case of 14 Each
  • Gatorade® 2.5 Gallon Powder Mix

    Starting at $147.06
    Case of 32 Each
  • Sqwincher Powder Concentrate

    Starting at $132.64
    Case of 16 Each
  • Gatorade® 1 Quart Powder Mix

    Starting at $97.69
    Case of 144 Each
  • Gatorade® G2 20 oz Sports Drink

    Starting at $34.95
    Case of 24 Each
  • Sqwincher Qwik Serv Powder

    Starting at $62.78
13 Products

Grid List

Activity drinks are ideal for dealing with heat stress. Rehydration solutions such as those offered by Gatorade and Sqwincher are a big help for employers and employees who are struggling with heat management. These sport drinks allow efficient rehydration while minimizing the dangers of water intoxication and other possible complications. So if your work force is engaged in strenuous activity and dehydration as well as heatstroke are concerns, go pick up a pack or ten of these activity drinks. You'll be surprised at how effective these are at rehydrating your workers.

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