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Safety Thermometers

Accurately check the temperatures of affected personnel

Some workplace illnesses require monitoring of temperatures in order to prevent its progress or to check if the affected employee is responding to treatment. For this task, thermometers are the proper first aid equipment needed. Especially when your personnel are performing tasks in high heat environments, such as in foundries, smelting plants and forges, the temperature of your workers should be regularly checked since these environments can cause heat stress.

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  1. First Aid Only™ Nextemp Disposable Thermometer

    Practical, easy-to-read thermometer



1 Products

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If you look at the minimum first aid kit requirements as mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), you are not likely to find thermometers on its list. However, the agency recommends a workplace hazard assessment be performed to determine (among other things) the first aid program necessary for any given facility. What this means is, if your facility employs processes that result in the release of high heat, you should also provide a first aid kit that can deal with the hazards of a high heat environment. This would include thermometers among since heat stress is a very real danger in a high heat environment.

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