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Antiseptics and Disinfectants should be standard items in any first aid kit to avoid infections or contamination

Antiseptics and disinfectants have always been used for most medical procedures and with good reason. When open cuts or wounds are infected or exposed to contaminated equipment these usually fester and cause greater problems. In extreme cases, infected wounds can cause gangrene, blood poisoning or worse. With that in mind, it is always a good idea to keep both antiseptics and disinfectants in first aid kits. OSHA for their part recommend you have at least .14 fl. oz. in your kit.

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  1. $20.30
  2. First Aid Only® Antiseptic Spray

    Relieve pain and minimize infection with easy-to-use antiseptic spray Learn More
  3. Dynarex BZK Antiseptic Towelettes 1303

    Disposable, no-sting antiseptic wipes ideal for cleaning minor cuts and scrapes Learn More
  4. First Aid Only WATER-JEL® First Aid Burn Cream H343

    Burn Cream prevents infection and provides temporary pain relief for minor scrapes, cuts and burns Learn More
  5. Alcohol Wipes

    Handy skin cleansing wipes Learn More
  6. Neosporin 512376900

    Kills more bacteria than regular ointment Learn More
  7. First Aid Only® Isopropyl Alcohol Pump Spray

    Alcohol spray effectively fights infection in wounds Learn More
  8. First Aid Only® Hydrogen Peroxide Pump Spray

    Antiseptic spray helps protect cuts and abrasions from infection Learn More
  9. $4.20
  10. Dynarex® Alcohol Wipes 1113

    Immediately kills bacteria on skin Learn More
  11. First Aid Only™ SmartCompliance™ Alcohol Cleansing Pad FAE-4001

    Alcohol pads minimize infection risks while treating a wound Learn More
  12. First Aid Only® BZK Antiseptic Towelettes H307

    Disposable antiseptic wipes best for cleaning wounds Learn More
  13. PDI PDI Sani-Hands Antimicrobial Alcohol Gel Hand Wipes D43600

    Antiseptic handwash ideal for cleaning and sanitizing hands Learn More
  14. J & J BAND-AID Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash 100445900

    Quickly relieve pain and itch using no-sting antiseptic wash Learn More
  15. Bactine® First Aid Liquid 2007

    Disinfectant that quickly prevents wound infection and itching Learn More
  16. Swan Isopropyl Alcohol

    Fast-acting rubbing alcohol suitable for cuts and wounds Learn More
    Starting at $2.12
  17. First Aid Only® Povidone-Iodine Infection Control Wipes

    Disinfectant wipes help prevent infection and bacteria growth when treating wounds Learn More
    Starting at $1.43
  18. First Aid Only® Alcohol Cleansing Pad

    Alcohol pads minimize infection risks while treating a wound Learn More
    Starting at $3.35
  19. Antiseptic Bio-Hand Cleaner

    Cleans and sanitizes without water Learn More

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It is recommended to use antiseptics and disinfectants on both the equipment and the injury before performing any procedure on it. There is a very important reason for this; bacteria or other impurities can infect the wound and cause a far greater problem than the base wound or abrasion. To help avoid this, it is important to keep different kinds of antiseptics and disinfectants on hand so that you can use the appropriate one for the task at hand. So what are you waiting for? Go and choose from the various skin antiseptics, topical antiseptics, and disinfectants we have in our store, and stock up your first aid kit today!

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