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Respirator Cleaning

Extend the life of your respirator as well as make the respirator more effective.

Respirators prevent dust, dirt and chemicals from getting into a person’s mouth, nose and lungs. Respirators, are especially useful for people employed in jobs that involve dust particles and other particulates. As such, ensuring that they function to the fullest extent requires proper cleaning and maintenance particularly if these are full face and reusable half masks. Fortunately, cleaning respirators generally takes around 10 minutes. Make sure to properly care for your respirators with Seton’s Respirator Cleaning tools.

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  1. North® Respirator Wipe Pads 7003S

    Cleaning wipes guarantee to keep your facemask respirators sanitary

    Box of 100 Each


  2. Allegro® Respirator Cleaning Pads

    Keep your respirator masks clean at all times
    Starting at $10.95


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2 Products

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Respirator cleaning should be done on a regular basis to extend their use as fully as possible. As such, it is crucial that proper cleaning tools are available to employees, whether they be squeegee-wielding janitors or emergency responders.

During cleaning, the respirators' filters, cartridges, and/or canisters should be removed. Facepieces should be disassembled as well, by removing speaking diaphragms, valve assemblies, and other components as recommended by manufacturers. These should then be washed in warm water, using a mild detergent or a cleaner also recommended by the manufacturer.

Make sure to take proper care of your facility’s respirators. Choose the best respirator Cleaning tools from Seton today.

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