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Bring the cleanup station right to the spill

Portable Spill Kits are available in 6.5 gallon and 65 gallon mobile. Portable Spill Kits include Spill Trucks, Duffle Spill Kits, Vehicle Spill Kits, Grab & Go Spill Kits and Vehicle Battery Acid Spill Kits.

3 Products

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  • Attack Pac Spill Kits

    Starting at $354.99
  • Emergency Response Kits

    Starting at $108.99
  • Mobile Spill Kaddies

    Starting at $678.99
3 Products

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If you are faced with a spill on the other side of your facility, but the spill kit is not in the same area, Portable Spill Kits are what you'll need. Portable Spill Kits can be moved to the area of the spill quickly and easily. Whether in a duffel bag or on wheels, bring the entire spill kit to the location of the spill. Check out our Xtremesorb„¢ 65 Gallon Mobile Spill Kit, Vehicle Spill Kits, Xtremesorb„¢ Duffle Spill Kit and more.

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