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Seton Safety Sign Alerter Kit - Forklift Traffic Keep Clear

Supplied in: Kit
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Quick Overview

Guaranteed to grab attention and help reduce the risk of workplace accidents

Product Details

  • Exclusive to Seton, the Seton Safety Sign Alerter is a motion activated, audiovisual sign alerter that is sure to be noticed.
  • “Caution: Forklift Traffic Keep Clear“ sign can be quickly and easily exchanged for any 7"H x 10"W sign.
  • Flashing LED lights and clear, audible warning messages are guaranteed to grab attention and help reduce the risk of workplace accidents.
  • Patented directional sensing technology detects people flow to deliver relevant instructions.
  • Choose from pre-recorded messages or simply record your own.
  • Can be used in any environment and for every application.
  • UL48 approved for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Kit contains: 1 x “Caution: Forklift Traffic Keep Clear" sign, 1 x Seton Safety Sign Alerter (Patent Pending), 1 x wall fixing kit, 4 x d-cell batteries, 1 x usb lead, and 1 x quick start guide & fitting template.


Dimensions: 15.24" H x 10.75" W
Enables Industry Compliance: CAN ICES-3;CE;IP54;UL 48
Height: 15.24"
Material: Plastic
Maximum Service Temperature: 148 °F
Minimum Service Temperature: -4 °F
Thickness: 2.76"
Width: 10.75"

Technical Information

Good to know


What the Expert says


The safety sign you can’t ignore

- It is best practice to display safety signs at work, but it is unfortunate that eventually they will become part of the background. Passive safety signage need no longer be a problem. The Seton Safety Sign Alerter uses motion sensors to deliver your safety message using eye catching visuals and customizable audio. This versatile unit can be used to display safety signs for any industry and installed in warehouses, factory production areas, receptions, offices, car parks, loading bays and anywhere safety signage is needed, the application possibilities are endless. With innovative custom controls you can display your safety messages any way you want.

Ed Barnes - Seton UK Product Expert


What's in the box

  • Alerter - Main unit. 
  • Wall Fixing Kit - Four screws and plugs for the quick, easy and secure attachment of the unit to a wall. 
  • Fitting template and guide - Allows you to fit easily and precisely to almost any flat surface. 
  • USB Lead - Multipurpose lead allowing users to upload sound files. Can also be used to power the unit instead of batteries. 
  • D-Cell Batteries - Powerful batteries providing months of continuous use. 
  • Quick Start Guide - Clear and simple instructions to allow you get your Seton Safety Sign Alerter up and running in minutes.
What’s In The Box


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Install the batteries by removing the clear front cover to reveal the battery tray.
  2. Set the controls to your desired modes. You can adjust the volume, delay, output type (audio, LEDs or both) and direction of activation.
  3. Plug into your computer and select the audio files you wish to use from your specific language folder, drag and drop them into the relevant directional folders or record your own message and add to the folder of your choice.
  4. After replacing the battery cover, slide in your sign and then replace the clear front cover.
  5. Decide where the alerter is to be placed and use screws (supplied) or cable ties to affix in position, alternatively the unit is able to be freestanding.
Step-By-Step Guide


Frequently Asked Questions


How does the Seton Safety Sign Alerter deliver safety messages?


This innovative alerter has LED lights that flash and the unit delivers a clear audio message that supports whatever sign you choose to display within it. The volume and type of alert can all be adjusted via the controls under the sign itself.


Where can I use the Seton Safety Sign Alerter?


That is the beauty of this revolutionary sign alerter, it is rated at IP65 meaning that it can be used externally and internally. It’s application areas are limitless, anywhere where safety messages are needed, this alerter can be displayed. It will be especially useful for any warning or danger messages but can be used for any vital safety messages at all, such as simple reminders to staff to wash their hands or wear PPE.


How do I access the controls for the Safety Sign Alerter?


These are accessed behind the sign itself, under a secure plastic housing. They are well hidden from unauthorized tampering and can be secured further with a padlock or seal on the outer clear cover of the unit.


How do I set the motion activated timer?


The delay between activation and the direction of the person walking by can both be customized at the control panel under the sign. These are switches with pictograms that illustrate how the settings will affect activation, simply move the slider to the desired setting and you are done. A longer delay between activations will be more desirable in busier areas so the unit does not activate with every person that walks by.


How do I record my own safety message?


Using any compatible software on your iphone, android phone or computer, you can then drag the file into the correct folder and it will play through the unit when activated. Compatible file types are as follows: MP3, AAC, WMA and WAV audio files.


What can I use to secure my Seton Safety Sign Alerter from tampering and unauthorized access?


In order to keep the unit free from tampering and unauthorized access there is a simple lockout function that has been added to the outside of the alerter. Use a padlock, security seal or cable tie to secure the unit.


What are the activation options for the Seton Safety Sign Alerter?


Every aspect of how the alerter delivers its safety message can be customized by you, to suit your unique environment and staff needs. The controls allow for adjustment of the volume of the audio message, the delay between activations and the direction that will set off the motion sensor and activate the alerter. You can also choose whether the alerter uses audio only, flashing LEDs only or a combination of the two.

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