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Lockout Tags

Lockout tags to effectively comply with lockout/tagout regulations

Lockout tags are among the many devices that prevent employees from accidentally powering up equipment and machinery. And since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) allows certain leeways in drawing up lockout/tagout (LOTO) programs, employers should take the time to tailor their LOTO devices to their particular needs. With this in mind, Seton offers various tag options, such as heavy duty, lock-on, padlock and bilingual styles. Self-laminating lockout tags are also available to prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime. With Seton, customers have a wide range of LOTO options to choose from.

For more information, view ourLockout Tagout Compliance Guide and our resource on Improving Workplace Safety With Lockout Tagout.

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  • Valve - Energy Source Tags

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  • Danger Do Not Operate Equipment Lockout Tag

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    Pack of 25 Tags
  • Do Not Operate - Lockout Tag

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158 Products

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Employing the necessary tools to properly lock out energized equipment will need more than just locks. Fortunately, there are several LOTO devices on the market, many of which are designed to work for specific equipments and environments.

When making the selection, managers and safety officers should evaluate the tools in the facility and purchase LOTO devices that are the easiest and most efficient to use. When it comes to controlling energy hazards, pulling the fuse will not be enough. OSHA requires installing safety devices that isolate or secure equipment and/or energy sources. Likewise, lockout tags help ensure that a facility’s safety program is effectively applied and easy to maintain.

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