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Extractors & Sets

Remove painted-over or rusted screws without hassle

Seton’s extractors are designed to be drilled into screws and bolts in order to remove the stuck items. We carry a wide range of extractors including: extractor sets, pipe extractors, bolt extractors, screw extractors and more. Select the best tools for your needs from products such as Multi-Spline Screw Extractors and Bolt Extractor Sets from Irwin Hanson.

4 Products

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  1. Irwin Hanson® - Multi-Spline Screw Extractor Sets 53227

    Tough, reliable extractors and sets

    Set of 25 Pieces


  2. Ridgid® - Screw Extractor Sets 35585

    Durable extractor sets for all screwing needs

    Set of 20 Pieces


  3. Irwin® - Bolt Extractor Sets 54113

    Hand tools great with socket, flat and adjustable wrenches

    Set of 13 Pieces


  4. Irwin Hanson® - Multi-Spline Screw Extractors 52201

    Dependable extractors especially for stressful conditions



4 Products

List Grid

Make sure your tool kit has the equipment to deal with hard-to-remove bolts.

Seton provides you with extractors and sets that are manufactured for removing and replacing old and damaged screws. For hand tools and industrial equipment made by trusted brands, look for the best items Seton has to offer.