International Symbols Labels - Crush Hazard

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Supplied in: Pack of 5 Labels
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Quick Overview

Crush hazard warning labels inform people of inherent dangers of the item they're handling

Product Details

  • Accepted worldwide, the International Organization of Standardization's system of safety information graphics communicates hazards and actions without the need for words
  • Attention-getting, recognizable symbols communicate safety messages across language barriers
  • Choose between self-adhesive vinyl and Seton Ultra-Stick
  • Self-adhesive vinyl adheres to most clean, dry surfaces and resists tearing, moisture and grime
  • Seton Ultra-Stick can be used on greasy and dirty surfaces as well as rough and abnormal surfaces like wood and concrete. Ultra-Stick adheres in just seconds and can prevent labels from falling off
  • Comes in three sizes:1-1/2" Triangle, 2-1/2" Triangle, and 4-1/2" Triangle
  • Label features "CRUSH HAZARD" graphics