Proto® - Punch & Chisel Sets 2

Supplied in: Set of 12 Pieces
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Quick Overview

Innovative 12 piece punch and chisel set

Product Details

  • Proto® - 12pc. Punch & Chisel Set
  • Alloy steel hand tool set with black oxide finish
  • Safe use of larger striking tool due to 20% bigger striking surface
  • Feature also allows for more power to be directed to cutting edge
  • Easy cutting afforded by precision grinding of cutting edge to exact angle
  • Tip comes with separate hardness due to innovative two piece design
  • Design helps produce straighter tips to eliminate binding and to prevent peening
  • Tempered, hardened, and quenched to strict specifications
  • 5 Chisels:
    • Cape 7/32";
    • Diamond Point 3/16";
    • Cold 5/16"; Cold 7/16";
    • and Cold 1/2"
  • 7 Punches:
    • Center 3/8";
    • Pin 3/32";
    • Pin 3/16";
    • Pin 1/8";
    • Starting 1/16";
    • Starting 3/16";
    • and Starting 1/8"


Chisels Included: 1/2" Cold Chisel;5/16" Cold Chisel;7/16" Cold Chisel
Color: Black
Easy Reorder Eligible: Yes
Includes: 1/16" Starting Punch;1/2" Cold Chisel;1/8" Starting Punch;11/64" Drive Pin Punch;3/16" Diamond Point;3/16" Starting Punch;5/16" Cold Chisel;5/64" Drive Pin Punch;7/16" Cold Chisel;7/64" Drive Pin Punch;Center Punch
Item Type: Punch and Chisel Set
Manufacturer Name: Proto
Manufacturer Part Number: 2
Material: Steel
Number of Pieces: 12
Punches Included: 1/16" Starting Punch;1/8" Starting Punch;11/64" Drive Pin Punch;3/16" Starting Punch;5/64" Drive Pin Punch;7/64" Drive Pin Punch;Center Punch
Type: Punch and Chisel Set