First Aid Scissors

Scissors are a must have in every first aid kit

It's a given that every first aid kit needs a pair of scissors. While the most common use of scissors is for cutting gauze and sometimes even adhesive bandages to an appropriate length. It is also used for other tasks such as cutting away clothing to expose injured areas to be able to treat wounds better (thus the blunted blade). While this if often packaged with prebuilt first aid kits, it never hurts to have a spare or two in the bag in case there is a need to treat multiple people. The scissors we offer are also perfect as replacements to existing scissors that have become dull, broken, or even rusted shut.

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  • Lister Bandage Scissors

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When talking about medical supplies in first aid kits, it’s inevitable that someone will mention scissors. And why not? It is a key component in some of the most common operations that may be performed such as trimming bandages down to size, opening sealed containers, or even cutting away clothing from injuries to expose areas for treatment. When using these scissors, always remember to properly sterilize them before and after use and to properly store them in the first aid kit to avoid it puncturing other items.