Spill Response and Control

Seton offers a wide variety of Spill Response and Spill Control Products to meet the cleanup needs of your workplace. Seton is your one-stop-shop for Sorbents, Spill Kits, Spill Containment, Stormwater Protection, Maintenance and other spill-related products and equipment.

Always ensure a safe and clean workplace and offer quick clean-up ideas

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  • DAWG® 55 Gallon Spill Kits

    From $459.10 To $629.60
  • Big Dawg® Absorbent Socks

    From $54.30 To $91.00
  • DAWG® Economy Truck Spill Kits

    From $170.00 To $246.20
  • Poly Drums

    From $107.90 To $148.90
  • DAWG® Versatile Flat Spill Kits

    From $112.80 To $159.00
  • DrainProtector II® Safety Seals

    From $74.10 To $616.30
  • DAWG® Spill Response Cart Spill Kits

    From $1,349.40 To $2,078.60
  • Poly-Overpack® Salvage Drums

    From $180.90 To $287.10
  • DAWG® Truck Bed Spill Kits

    From $397.50 To $533.00
  • SnapUp Berms

    From $841.70 To $5,733.10

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Contain, absorb and take charge of almost any kind of spill with Spill Response & Control products from Seton.

Spills are not only messy and inconvenient, these can also severely damage equipment, tools, and the flooring of your facility. Additionally, certain chemical spills can be dangerous to your workers too. Take care of these spills with various Spill Response & Control offerings from Seton. Choose from Absorbents/Granular products, Enviro-Friendly solutions, Spill Kits, labels and much more.