Facility Reminder Signs

Facility Reminder Signs reinforce the policies of your company. Hang Facility Reminder Signs in bathrooms, lunchrooms and recycling/trash areas to promote recycling, good hygiene and a sanitary work environment. Facility Reminder Signs are offered in various styles with different messaging.

Remind employees of various policies in your facility

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We like to think of Facility Reminder signs as little visual queues to tell your workers where to find certain items or areas or not to forget to do something important. Facility Reminder Signs are like having your mom follow you around and point out things you should be doing.

Some examples of Facility Reminder Signs include signs for clean restrooms, washing your hands, employees to wash their hands, please keep this restroom clean and so on.

Other options are facility reminder signs that say trash, keep this area clean, lunchroom, pitch in or recycle. Everyone needs little reminders at some point. Give your workers a heads up: with facility reminder signs from Seton.