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Blank Tags

Easily recognize and identify your facility's property

Tracking goods and managing your facility’s assets is very important in preventing confusion and inventory problems. One of the most convenient ways of doing this is by using tags that uniquely identify every possession. Seton offers you a variety of Blank Tags that facilitate efficiency and reduce tracking errors. Tags help in categorizing, detecting and organizing your establishment’s property, and can be used in different locations and purposes. Fill in the blank spaces with the necessary information and identify packages, gadgets, cartons, factory and warehouse products, and many other items. And with Seton’s range of quality tags, finding the tags most suited for your requirements shouldn’t be a problem. Our line of blank tags come in a number of high-quality materials ensuring you find the best tag for your needs

Blank Tags

Incorporate an efficient identification system with the proper tags.

There are a variety of Blank Tags for you to choose from. Paper and plastic tags are two of the most common types of tags. Paper tags are easy to use and also easy to dispose of. The economy blank plastic tags are made from heavy duty vinyl. Since they are made from plastic, these tags are waterproof and cannot be easily damaged by the conditions of the surrounding environment. As such, plastic tags can be used outdoors. Tags are also available in Tyvek and metal. Tyvek blank tagsare more durable than ordinary plastic tags. These are puncture-proof,and resistant to water, mildew, and chemical substances. They are also safe to use with foodstuffs, making them very useful in the food industry. Metal tags, on the other hand, are generally used with equipment and machineries. Metal tags are available in different materials, such as aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. Because of this, they can withstand even the harshest working conditions.

Organize your property and optimize the business operations of your organization.

Tags help in tracking assets down and reduce potential loss of equipment. Maintain a proper inventory system and reduce your establishment’s expenses with Seton’s Blank Tags.

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