Makes parking lots safe while enhancing its overall appearance

Bollards from Seton allow you to control the flow of traffic, ensure access to reserved parking slots, and define perimeters of parking spaces. Choose from flexible bollards, flexible bollard sign post systems, bollard posts and machine guards. These are available in various sizes and vibrant colors so motorists are sure not to miss it.

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Bollards are also ideal parking lot tools when keeping vehicles away from pedestrian walkways or when protecting pipe lines or landscaping from vehicular damage. Aside from having bollards within your parking lot, make sure to also have bollard sleeves from Seton. Bollard sleeves protect old or existing bollards from natural wear and tear such as rusting, chipping, fading and cracks. These are easy to install and also add an aesthetic touch to your parking spaces. Bollard sleeves from Seton are manufactured using high-density polyethylene allowing it to lessen the impact when bollards are accidentally hit by vehicles. These are available in various colors and sizes.