Retaining Compounds

Achieve strong and precise assembly by curing components and using retaining compounds

Even the toughest machines and equipment experience natural wear and tear. For this type of maintenance and repair, retaining compounds can be used to recondition worn out parts and re-establish proper fit of mating components. Acrylic-urethane-based retaining compounds can be used on most metals and are resistant to motor oil, ethanol, and unleaded petrol. Acrylic-ester-based retaining compounds, on the other hand, bond unlike metals and inflexible metal assemblies quickly and are resistant to brake fluid, acetone, unleaded gasoline, motor oil, and ethanol. These compounds likewise stop metal corrosion and fretting.

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Seal metal assemblies against leakage while achieving proper fit of metal components with retaining compounds
Lock and secure metal assemblies with high-viscosity retaining compound products. Increase the shear strength of metal assemblies by filling in spaces between components and curing to form stronger metal assemblies. Choose your desired product from Seton's variety of retaining compounds formulated with a selection of viscosities, gap filling abilities, flexibility, and adhesion strength.