Ansell Sol-Vex® Nitrile Gloves

Ansell Sol-Vex® Nitrile Gloves

Versatile nitrile gloves ideal for multiple applications

  • Multi-use and high performance work gloves are manufactured from premium class nitrile compound to provide excellent protection from physical and chemical hazards
  • Guarantees outstanding protection from snag, abrasion, and puncture
  • Ideal for heavy-duty cleaning applications and tough industrial environments
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Quick Overview

Versatile nitrile gloves ideal for multiple applications

Ansell Sol-Vex® Nitrile Gloves

  • Material used offers superior level of dexterity and protection without compromising protection and comfort
  • Green nitrile gloves feature a straight cuff style for easy wearing and sandpatch grip design to give a firm and secure grip
  • Available in a variety of sizes, lengths, grip designs, liner materials, and thickness options to suit your application needs
  • Compliant with 21 CFR 177.2600 FDA food handling requirements
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Available Options

Thickness 11 mil., 15 mil., 22 mil..
Length 13", 15", 18".
Lining Material Flock Lined, Unlined.
Size 2X-Large, Large, Large/X-Large, Medium, Medium/Large, Small/Medium, X-Large, X-Small/Small.
Manufacturers Part Number 37-145-10, 37-145-11, 37-145-6-6.5, 37-145-8-8.5, 37-145-9-9.5, 37-155-10, 37-155-11, 37-155-8-8.5, 37-155-9-9.5, 37-165-10, 37-165-8-8.5, 37-165-9-9.5, 37-175-10, 37-175-11, 37-175-7-7.5, 37-175-8-8.5, 37-175-9-9.5, 37-185-10, 37-185-11, 37-185-7-7.5, 37-185-8-8.5, 37-185-9-9.5.

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