Asset Tags

Effectively maintain control over company assets

Asset Tags are instrumental in ensuring the safety and security of company assets. By storing and transmitting asset information, these property labels allow personnel to maintain security and control over their products, equipment, and other valuable property. This is critical for establishments with work processes that require a streamlined, centralized asset management system. From warehouses to laboratories, asset labels provide facilities with an automated asset tracking system that records various item information and prevents theft and tampering. Seton offers a wide range of asset tags specially designed for different applications.

Asset Tags may not look like the fanciest or most sophisticated equipment. However, these property labels provide an efficient solution to various business challenges that are both convenient and cost-effective. With asset tags, pulling up inventory status, planning re-orders and scheduling deliveries can be accomplished with a simple scan and a few clicks. Furthermore, checking item records can be done as easily as scanning a barcode or accessing the information database through a computer. This streamlines the otherwise complicated task of inventory management, allowing users to implement a hassle-free asset management system into their daily work routine. With asset tags, property maintenance and security are both improved, while also reducing inventory error and overall expenses. Track company assets with Seton’s Asset Tags!