Asset Tags: Ensure security and reduced loss with proper asset tracking management.

Asset tags provide you with added security, reduced loss and better organization. The application environment defines the right asset tag for your needs. Use our guide below to determine the most suitable asset tracking tag for the job.

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Reliable and long-lasting to enable easy asset tracking of expensive and irreplaceable equipment.

  • Constructed of metalized polyester
  • Polyester overlaminate provides protection against abrasion, tough handling and solvents
  • Specially formulated adhesive backing sticks to most clean, dry surfaces
  • Barcode and sequential numbering options available for easy tracking
DuraGuard Asset Tags

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DuraGuard® Stock Asset Tags

DuraGuard® Stock Asset Tags

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DuraGuard® Property ID Tags

DuraGuard® Property ID Tags

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Ideal for long-term use in the harshest environments, indoors and outdoors

  • -65°F to 300°F service temperature range to withstand extreme conditions
  • Anodized aluminum material with permanent etching withstands abrasion, chemicals, frequent cleaning, extreme weather conditions and rough handling
  • Choose from a variety of adhesives and material thicknesses based on your asset surface
SetonGuard Asset Tags

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SetonGuard® Stock Asset ID Plates

SetonGuard® Stock Asset ID Plates

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Rugged and economical, QuickGuard Plus™ foil tags can withstand high temperatures to protect your valuable equipment and property.

  • Service temperature up to 250ºF
  • Screen printed aluminum material is suitable for clean environments
  • Clear polyester layer protects against abrasion
  • Sequential numbering, random numbering or barcoding available
QuickGuard Asset Tags

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Stock QuickGuard Plus™ Property ID Tags

Stock QuickGuard Plus™ Property ID Tags

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Seton is your best source for asset tags

Seton has everything you need to create a beneficial asset management system for your organization. Start improving your asset management processes with Seton asset tags. With your choice of materials, wording and more, you’re sure to find the tags that will most effectively safeguard your organization’s most valued assets.

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Asset Tags may not look like the fanciest or most sophisticated equipment. However, these property labels provide an efficient solution to various business challenges that are both convenient and cost-effective. With asset tags, pulling up inventory status, planning re-orders and scheduling deliveries can be accomplished with a simple scan and a few clicks. Furthermore, checking item records can be done as easily as scanning a barcode or accessing the information database through a computer. This streamlines the otherwise complicated task of inventory management, allowing users to implement a hassle-free asset management system into their daily work routine. With asset tags, property maintenance and security are both improved, while also reducing inventory error and overall expenses.

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