Asset Management Solutions

Asset management products protect assets from theft and loss

Asset management solutions, comprised of asset tags, scanners and software, enable you to automate your company’s asset management processes and effectively protect your assets, such as computers, other electronics, machinery and tools.

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What are Asset Management Products?

Seton’s full line of asset management products consists of everything you need to create an effective and efficient automated asset management system: barcoded asset tags, scanners, as well as AssetGuard PRO, an advanced cloud based asset management software solution. Seton also offers non-barcoded tags, as well as other tags and labels for a variety of applications.


Barcoded Asset Tags

Seton offers a wide range of asset tags for a multitude of uses and environments. Barcoded asset tags are the most effective choice for building an automated asset management solution. Barcodes enable easy scanning, and these tags are ideal for small and large assets; indoors and out. Their strong adhesive attaches securely to most clean and dry surfaces.



Scanners make asset management a faster and more accurate process. With Seton’s scanners, you can quickly and easily scan barcoded tags. They are an ideal solution for inventory control, asset tracking and more.


Asset Management Software

AssetGuard PRO is a cloud based asset management software that enables companies to catalog and track their assets quickly and easily. With AssetGuard PRO, you can manage your assets 24/7 from any location! Reduce the time and expense associated with conducting physical inventory. AssetGuard PRO is available for a low subscription-based fee—no large upfront investment is required.


Asset Management Solution

A full Asset Management Solution includes everything you need to start properly keeping track of your company’s assets. You can purchase everything you need to get started including tags, scanners and software. Learn More about Asset Management Solutions.


Seton offers Asset ID tags for any environment


DuraGuard® asset tags are versatile tags constructed of metalized polyester with a protective topcoat and strong adhesive that holds tight to most clean, dry surfaces. They are ideal for use on small or large assets, indoors or out, especially electronics, computers, machinery and tools. DuraGuard® tags are available with sequential numbering or barcodes. View the product specification sheet here.

DuraGuard® Asset Tags


SetonGuard® asset tags are tough aluminum tags with permanent etching. They shrug off the harshest conditions to save you the cost and trouble of replacement. These tags are ideal for rugged environments that require resistance to abrasion, chemicals, frequent cleaning, extreme weather conditions and rough handling. SetonGuard® asset tags are available with sequential numbering or barcodes. View the product specification sheet here.

SetonGuard® Asset Tags





ReadyGuard™ asset tags are rugged, yet economical, tags. These tags are constructed of screen-printed aluminum that is suitable for clean environments. ReadyGuard™ asset tags are available with sequential numbering. ReadyGuard™ asset tags also are available with sequential numbering or barcodes. View the product specification sheet here.


Additional Asset ID Solutions include

Specialty Tags/Labels

Specialty tags/labels enable companies to obtain and transmit data from assets for specialized applications.

Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper evident labels help prevent unauthorized access. They easily disintegrate whenever improperly handled, and leave distinct physical evidence if forcibly peeled back, scraped or tampered.

RFID Tags/Labels

RFID tags/labels are equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) that can be read by compatible machines at great distances or when items are not directly in the line of sight.

Find the Asset Management Solution You Need at Seton

Protect your company’s most valuable assets from theft and loss, and avoid downtime and lost profits. Count on Seton to help you find the most effective and durable asset tags to help track those assets as they move throughout your organization

Seton offers a wide range of asset tags constructed of materials that can withstand even the toughest conditions.

Let Seton help you select a scanner and easily build a reliable and accurate asset management solution for your company today.