Hazardous Storage & Transport

Ensure safe storage and transport of hazardous and chemical materials

Seton carries a large selection of Hazardous Storage and Transport containers for all your storage and transportation needs. Whether you need Hazardous Chemical Storage, Hazardous Liquid Storage, or just Storage of Hazardous Materials, we have a product solution for you. The containers we offer also provide safe transportation of hazardous materials.

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  • Aluminum Cylinder Lockers

    From $1,720.60 To $2,563.10
  • Poly-Overpack® Salvage Drums

    From $180.90 To $287.10
  • Wide Mouth Vented Bottles

    From $64.80 To $68.00
  • Oily Waste Cans

    From $118.30 To $236.60
  • Poly Drums

    From $107.90 To $148.90
  • Lab & Overpack Drums

    From $69.40 To $209.10
  • Safety Bench Cans

    From $66.50 To $166.30
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Chances are that your warehouse, plant or manufacturing facility produces or works with potentially dangerous chemicals.

Hazardous Storage & Transport equipment from Seton enable you to store and ship those chemicals without subjecting your workers to unsafe conditions. We offer our customers a variety of Hazardous Storage and Transport items, including: Steel Salvage Drums, Lab & Overpack Drums, Aerosol Can Safety Cabinets, Piggyback Cabinets, Non-Metallic Acid Storage Cabinets and others.