A Safety Partner for Any Industry

Your people matter to you.  They solve the problems your company values most.  To keep them safe, compliance and regulatory practices need to become more ingrained in your team’s day-to-day activities.  Seton guides its customers through complex regulatory issues on a daily basis, like OSHA, MSHA, JCAHO, HACCP, and MUTCD. Whether you work in construction, healthcare, manufacturing or any other industry, Seton has the products and services you need to solve your specific safety challenges.   We understand you have safety goals that are unique to your industry. We will work with you to create solutions that keep your workplace as safe as possible. 


Resources for these industries are available:


Manufacturing regulations are full of confusing acronyms and complex recommendations. You know from experience that getting hands caught in machinery, near-misses when equipment suddenly de-energizes or inadvertent falls are the most likely safety challenges your team will encounter. Maintaining a complete safety program becomes harder when OSHA, HACCP and other regulations change. We can help you find the right Lockout, Safety Signs, and Warehouse solutions.





Warehouse & Commercial

Your greatest assets are housed in your facility, be it an office, a hotel or a warehouse. Those assets are your people. Protecting them from slips, trips and falls, coordinating internal foot traffic and minimizing electrical hazards challenge your safety program every day. Let Seton help you with Warehouse Supplies, Labels, Office Signs.





Knowing what you’re dealing with protects you and your team throughout the duration of the project. That means being able to identify pipe contents, limiting exposure to silica dust, and inspecting your ladders for work readiness. Your first call after accepting the job should be to Seton, who can advise you on pipe markers, signs and tags for your safety program, so that your work can speak for itself.





Today’s schools must be on the cutting edge of safety. Safeguard your student population by organizing visitor passes, clearly marking interior shelters, evacuation routes and managing vehicle identification for safe parking. Students dream of what they will be one day; protect them from  threats & emergencies and injuries in the schools parking lots




Public Sector

A community is only as strong as it’s unique residents — only as safe as it is organized and informed. With ADA-compliant signs, inclusion is easily communicated to all citizens. Traffic and parking signs organize roads and maintain public safety. Temporary hazards are easily communicated with the right message in the right place. Show your dedication to the community you love by calling Seton’s experts today.





A good safety prescription treats the disease and not just the symptoms. In clinics and hospitals, that means marking evacuation routes properly, keeping electrical panels clear and tracking valuable assets throughout the facility. Every organization’s needs are different, based on where they are located and who works there. Find the right prescription for safety with a call to Seton today.




Seton Services 

At Seton, we know that sometimes you need a fresh set of experienced eyes to help you recognize, identify and remove hazards in your own workplace. Seton’s portfolio of services can offer you that help in three areas: Safety, Processing and Mechanical Services. We provide both fee-based and value-added services to complement our innovative product solutions.