Safety Signs

Safety Signs Warn of Workplace Hazards

Safety Signs inform employees of possible hazards and proper procedures to help avoid injuries. Seton’s extensive line of Safety signs, including OSHA and ANSI Compliant Signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials.

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Product Submittals

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OSHA Header Signs

OSHA Header Signs comply with OSHA Standards and feature Danger, Caution, Warning, Notice and additional compliant headers. Available in a variety of sizes and materials your safety sign can be displayed anywhere your facility requires.


Roadside & Jobsite Safety Signs

Remind employees and others to take caution and be safe with Roadside & Jobsite Safety Signs. Roll-Up Signs and Sign Stands seamlessly function in all hazardous traffic situations to protect workers and alert drivers. Construction Site Signs ward off unauthorized visitors and ensure only properly trained workers are in the construction zone. Workplace Stop Signs keep jobsite traffic orderly and help to prevent accidents.


Chemical & Hazmat Signs

Chemical & HazMat Signs quickly and easily notify workers of potentially dangerous or harmful chemicals and solvents. These signs include Spill Control Signs, Chemical Specific Signs, HazMat Signs, Cylinder Status Signs and Biohazard Signs.


ANSI Signs

Comply with ANSI Z535.2 standards and regulations in your facility with ANSI Signs. These signs feature a simple format and internationally recognized pictograms that are easily understand by a global workforce. From critical Danger Signs to helpful Safety First reminders, ANSI Signs come in a variety of headers and materials to best suit your needs.


Arc Flash & Electrical Safety Signs

Post Arc Flash & Electrical Safety Signs to remind workers of arc flash dangers and help ensure proper procedures are followed. Arc Flash Posters and Wallcharts help remind your employees of OSHA and NFPA regulations, while Arc Flash Training DVDs teach workers how to prevent accidents before they happen.


No Trespassing & Restricted Access Signs

Secure private property and limit liability with No Trespassing & Restricted Access Signs. Featuring bold warnings, graphics, and penalty information these signs are guaranteed to be seen by visitors.


Confined Space Signs

Post Confined Space Signs at every confined space area in order to stay compliant with OSHA 1910 and 1926 regulations as well as to prevent accidents and injuries throughout your jobsite. In areas where it may be difficult to mount a confined space sign use stencils to paint on warnings.


Food Industry Safety Signs

Promote sanitary and safety measures throughout your facility with Food Industry Safety Signs and ensure compliance with all health codes. Proper food industry safety can help you avoid fines and contamination.


Forklift Safety Signs

Forklift Safety Signs encourage drivers to follow all the proper forklift operating procedures and alert pedestrians where forklifttraffic may occur. Forklift safety signs can be used along with portable posts or permanently mounted and come in a variety of sizes and materials.


Custom OSHA / Safety Signs

Use Custom OSHA Safety Signs to personalize your safety sign for your facility while still complying with OSHA Standard 29.CFR.1910. Custom signs suit your unique needs with personal logos, a wide variety of sizes, custom shapes, colors and specialty materials such as Anti-Microbial or Toughwash.