Solutions for Safe and Compliant Jobsite

Seton has been serving the construction industry for nearly 60 years. As a leader in pipe and valve identification, our products have been written into construction specifications more than any other. That’s because we support every aspect of your construction project from designing and fabricating to installing and servicing.

Whether you’re a pipeline contractor or you’re working on a contractor jobsite, shop environment, or office Seton has the construction resources to support worker and contractor safety, compliance, and productivity.

Products and Services for the Productive Jobsite

Project Take-Off Services*

Save time and money before your next job starts.

Our Take-Off service provides you with color-coded drawings and a bill of material listing all the products you’ll need to meet ANSI/ASME A13.1-2015 pipe and valve marking requirements. That way, you can turn all your attention to completing your project as efficiently as possible. After you provide your engineer’s construction drawings and specifications, we can put it all together.

*Project Take-Off Service is free only if customer places order with Seton.

Submittal Packages

Get the right information to submit your next project.

Our submittal packages expedite approval of identification products for your construction job. Select from a full list of pipe marking, valve marking, or nameplate submittals online. Or share your job specifications with our OSHA-authorized contractor team at (877) 367-7732, and we’ll help you customize a submittal package.

Project Packaging

Stay productive on your installation jobsite.

Our free Project Packaging Service sorts your order items to simplify installation. Instead of you having to reorganize every order by room, floor, building, or system, we’ll do it for you. We’ll group each order of pipe and valve markers by any specified criteria, so you can focus your energies on installing them instead of sorting and redistributing them.

Contractor Essentials

Be compliant in all aspects of your job.

From pipe and valve markers to interior architectural signage to traffic control products, Seton’s contractor essentials can help you stay compliant in any situation. Our contractor specialist team has the expertise you need to meet ANSI/ASME A13.1-2015, ADA, and OSHA pipe labeling requirements, and more.

Life-Saving Compliance Solutions for Fabrication Environments


Enhancing Building Systems Identification

Adopt complete compliance for the whole building.

Many building systems have their own compliance requirements: security, fire, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, and others. Seton carries pipe marking products for all building systems that are fully compliant with current ANSI/ASME standards. We can even customize to the individual needs of your projects.

Inspecting Ladder Safety

Keep installation equipment safe.

As a contractor, you know someone on your team will inevitably be working at heights on a portable ladder. Be sure to inspect the ladder before each use, and protect your workers with customized tags when necessary.

Forklift Safety

Maintain safe foot traffic around forklifts.

 Including your workers, forklifts can be one of your largest investments. Seton offers the construction resources to support all aspects of forklift safety. We can help with widening traffic flows and scheduling routine ladder inspections as well as maintaining and upgrading truck and dock safety plans.

De-energizing Equipment

Follow step-by-step safety around hazardous energy.

Exposure to hazardous energy or stored energy can pose serious risks for workers when not properly contained. Seton can help you take the necessary steps to prevent worker injury from exposure to that energy. Proper lockout procedures can save the lives of those working on or near locked-out equipment.

Identifying Shipping & Transportation Operations

Deliver superior service to your shipping customers.

Proper material handling information helps protect packages during shipping. Seton has a variety of special transportation and labeling instructions to improve the likelihood that packages will arrive at your customers’ destination in top condition. We have a wide range of shipping labels including those that require special handling, such as our Tip ’N’ Tell Indicator.

Continuous Improvement –  5S

Keep your workspace organized and efficient.

A clean, organized environment reduces waste and increases productivity. The 5S (Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) system helps achieve this when combined with lean manufacturing standards. Seton offers 5S training with everything you need to support your 5S program so you can reach your lean manufacturing goals.

Widening Traffic Flow Safety

Guide safer movement around crowded facilities.

Walking pathways can get crowded during seasonal periods when built up stock inventory is close to square foot capacity. Best practice is to ensure everyone is clear on their “lanes” to move.

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Facility Identification

Provide hospitality your guests and employees deserve.

People can lose a lot of time finding their way around buildings. Help them keep appointments and know where to go with signs that always point them in the right direction. Seton wayfinding solutions are designed to eliminate questions while blending into any office environment.

Worksite Parking Environment Safety

Keep drivers and pedestrians safe in parking lots.

Excessive speed and lack of attention are two leading causes of car-related accidents. Reduce those risks and create a safer parking facility with solutions designed to capture both pedestrians’ and drivers’ attention. Complete your parking facility with additional products that create safer intersections and crosswalks.

Communicate Slips, Trips, and Falls Hazards found on Walking Working Surfaces

No risk is too small for complete workplace safety.

An average workday can easily be disrupted by a slip, trip or fall incident. Use simple solutions that alert and warn to lower risk for employees and guests. Seton’s products are designed to communicate common and uncommon walking hazards by capturing the eye and clearly describing the risks.