Contractor Services

We have been securing the construction industry for nearly 60 years. Seton is specified in projects and has been written into construction specifications for pipe and valve identification products and signage for over 40 years.

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Take-Off Services


Ensure all pipe and valve marking on your job is done accurately with our Free Take-Off Service*

Here’s how it works:

  1. You provide us your engineer’s blue prints and specifications. We analyze the prints and review what products you will need from us to meet compliance regulations.
  2. We provide you with a take-off image. Your image includes easy color-coded drawings that outline the location and content of pipes and valves on your job site and simplifies your installation.
  3. We’ll draft up your bill of material. You’ll receive an outlined spreadsheet that lists all the proper pipe markers and valve tags you will need for your project.
  4. Your job is complete! Our free* service will save you time, money, and leave you stress free!

*Project Take-Off Service is free only if customer places a pipe and valve order with Seton.


Free Project Packaging Service


Save time, labor and money with our Free Project Packaging Service

Here’s how it works:

  1. You let us know how you want your pipe marker and valve tag order sorted — and we’ll label and pack it.
  2. We’ll sort and package by floor, by room, by building, etc.
  3. You unpack at your installation location — no presorting needed!

Count on Seton for:

  • Top quality safety and identification products you need to get the job done: on time and on budget—every time
  • Reliable and durable pipe and valve identification products and signage
  • Knowledgeable contractor specialists who can guide your product selections during every stage of your project
  • Free services, including submittal packages, a project take-off service* and a project packaging service—all to help you control costs and be more efficient on the job site

*Project Take-Off Service comes with the purchase
Submittal Services


For over 40 years, Seton has been written into construction specs as the premium supplier to architects, engineers and specifiers.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Access to a full library of FREE submittal/specification sheets to ensure you’ve got the right products for your project.
  2. A contractor team ready to create a submittal package for you or give compliance advice.
  3. A submittal reference package for handy reference and FREE samples upon request.



These digital resources are available for Pipe Markers and Valve Tags:

Regulations & Standards
Product Specifications
Data Sheet Submittals
 Buying Guide for Pipe Markers and Valve Tags
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These digital resources are available for Asset Management Products:

Product Specifications
Buying Guide
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These digital resources are available for Labels & Decals

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