Safety Tags

Tags are used to identify safety hazards in your workplace.

Tags, comprised of Blank Tags, OSHA and Safety Tags, Parking Tags, Inventory and Equipment Tags, and Inspection Tags, enable you to accurately identify equipment, track inventory and warn of safety hazards.

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Tags Buying Guide

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Compliance Guide

What are Tags used for?

Seton’s full line of tags consist of everything you need to create an effective and efficient inventory management and safety awareness solution.

Blank Tags

Easily track and manage your facility’s property with Blank Tags. Choose to fill in the blank spaces with specific information or create a color coding system. These tags come in a number of colors and materials.

OSHA and Safety Tags

Provide information for regulatory and inspection requirements with OSHA & Safety Tags which are compliant with both OSHA and ANSI standards.

Parking Tags

Parking Tags are the most effective form of parking lot and private roadside control. Seton offers a large selection of parking tags with standard legends, numbering and colors including custom options.

Inventory & Equipment Tags

Available in a variety of materials, preprinted Inventory & Equipment Tags enable accurate control of inventory receiving, stocking and repair with one, two and three-part Carbon-less tags.

Inspection Tags

Inspection Tags allow you to easily check the status and records of products, equipment and machinery.

Custom Tags

Display your company’s name, logo, choice of numbering, colors and more with Custom Tags