Traffic & Parking Signs

Traffic & Parking Signs keep traffic under control

Seton’s Traffic & Parking Signs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials and wordings, ensuring you’ll find exactly what you need. Signs of all shapes, sizes and wordings are available to accurately mark the roads and parking areas of your facility.

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Traffic Signs

Make road safety your top priority with durable Traffic Signs from Seton. Our road signs are available in your choice of three sturdy materials and are specifically designed for heavy outdoor use. Reflectivity options guarantee high visibility and increased safety, while communicating important road rules.


Parking/No Parking Signs

Seton offers dozens of signs to direct your employees and visitors on your parking policies and keep your lot organized. Our Parking Signs inform drivers about important parking lot rules such as where they can and cannot park, as well as designating specific spots for handicapped individuals.


Crosswalk Signs

Pedestrian Crossing Signs help prevent injuries by designating safe areas to cross roadways and by warning drivers to be on the lookout for pedestrians. Highly visible Diamond Grade reflective signs are visible from up to 1500 away and are available in a variety of designs and messages to alert drivers when people are approaching high traffic areas and/or busy pedestrian areas.


Guide Posts & Signs

Help guide traffic flow through hazardous and dangerous areas with Guide Posts & Signs that come in a variety of colors and styles to meet every directional need. From traditional guideposts to flexible glo posts that bounce back after impact and help reduce replacement costs, Seton has what you need.


School Zone Signs

Notify motorists that they are approaching a school area with the help of School Zone Signs. Designed to prevent accidents and create a safe environment for school children, Seton’s school zone signs follow regulatory design standards ensuring they are both compliant and easily recognizable.


Street Signs

Street Signs are most often found posted at intersections situated perpendicularly in pairs to identify cross streets. Seton’s street signs showcase a traditional eye-catching design to ensure drivers can clearly identify where they are going.


Custom Signs

Custom Signs are the ideal solution when standard signs just won’t work. Completely customizable with your desired wording, shape, size, color scheme, and graphics, custom signs are perfect for displaying your unique message.


Parking Lot Stencils

A cost-effective alternative to standard parking lot signs Parking Lot Stencils help direct traffic and clearly mark parking spaces and traffic lanes for drivers.


Sign Posts

Sign Posts come in many different formats to display your important signs and get your message noticed. From portable, to permanent, round to U-Channel, Seton has the post necessary to get your signs seen.