Labels & Decals help save lives

Labels & Decals help keep people safe by providing safety messages at the exact location they are needed. Affix labels and decals directly on or near safety hazards to effectively protect everyone in your facility and on your job site.

Labels & Decals

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Label Comparisons

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What are safety labels?

OSHA and safety labels help you identify employees and visitors, comply with safety regulations, warn employees about potential hazards and promote a safer workplace in general. OSHA and safety labels are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and messages.

Labels and decals identify and protect your company’s employees, inventory and workplace. They are suitable for a variety of uses within your organization, such as for marking company assets, organizing inventory, and marking items for maintenance or repair.


How to Choose the Right Safety Labels & Decals for your Business

Seton offers a wide selection of labels and decals for every use and environment. There are hundreds of options in a variety of colors and variations, from decals made of tamper evident materials to labels that can withstand harsh environments.

Seton specialized in custom products, and if you need a label designed specifically for your business, just ask. We can help you create a personalized design unique to your company and its safety needs.