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Lockout and Tagout


Staying Safe with Lockout Procedure

Tagout Compliance

Ensure your lockout tags are OSHA compliant. Download the Lockout Tag Compliance Guide.

What type of Tag do you need?

Choose the style tag that fits your lockout needs – All of these tags are OSHA compliant.

Types of Lockout Tags

Download the Lockout Tag Application Guide for more information on each of these products.

Complete your Lockout plan with the proper Padlock

A documented plan and comprehensive training program are essential to a proper Lockout/Tagout program. Choose from a full line of products and multiple options to best meet your application needs. Padlocks come with different keying options allowing you to choose how you would like to manage your lockout program.

Padlock Keying Options

View and download the Safety Padlock Guide.

Ensure you are fully compliant and ready to go

Seton’s Lockout/Tagout Checklist constitutes a basic guide for Lockout/Tagout procedures according to the guidelines, standards and requirements issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) CFR 1910.147 and does not include all comprehensive requirements for specific industries. Additional regulations may be applicable depending on your location, or unique facility needs.
*For more information and to view specific OSHA regulations visit


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