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Seton’s Safety and Identification Products offer you an easy way to add your custom safety message along with your own graphics, logo, size and material, to many of the quality products you’ve come to rely on from us.

Our high-tech manufacturing facility and dedicated staff will work with you closely to design unique and custom safety and identification products that identify your specific safety challenges.

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Both ANSI Z53.1-1967 and ANSI Z535.5-2011 formats are OSHA compliant. If your wondering what format to go with if your purchasing new signs, or wondering if you should replace old signs it’s best to learn the difference. This video will walk you through how to choose between the two.



Signs age with time, which means they become damaged, dirty, faded, and brittle. Given enough time they become useless in helping keep your employees safe. UltraTuff™ sign overlaminate adds a protective barrier extending the life of your sign and accompanied by a lifetime guarantee. This video shows how UltraTuff can resist grease, oil and dirt, washing off with ordinary dish soap.



With all the choices out there for safety sign materials and sizes it can be hard to choose what is the right combination for your facility. In this video, our sales manager Sam walks you through the options and provides tips to help you choose the best sign for your workplace.




Wondering what sign material is best for long-term outdoor use? This video answers that question and gives detailed information on the average lifespan of different signage materials focusing specifically on aluminum and plastic safety signs.



Our new Flashing/Talking Interactive Signs are an improvement over ordinary safety signs by using built-in flashing LED lights and a recorded audio warning message. These innovative signs make it virtually impossible for your safety message to be missed by your employees.


Become OSHA Compliant and Accident Free with an On-Site Safety Services Audit. Conducted by an independent OSHA safety and health expert, the fully personalized audit works with you in ensuring your facility is in full compliance with OSHA safety and health regulations, making your workplace a safe place for your employees.




Accident Prevention Signs (OSHA Signs) and their corresponding headers alert employees and visitors to dangers or hazards in the workplace. How do you know which OSHA header to use in different situations, and how many you need? This video can help you select the right signs for all areas of your workplace.



Is your workplace signage adequate should an emergency happen? To ensure you are fully prepared OSHA has set up recommendations for emergency exit and evacuation products. This video walks you through what you need to know.



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