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LED Exit Signs

LED Exit Signs guide workers to safety during an emergency

In a crisis situation, getting workers out of an enclosed area and into a safe location is a top priority.   Make sure that your facility’s exit routes are always clearly visible with Seton’s LED exit signs.  LED exit signs guide workers out of enclosed spaces during emergency situations.  Non-polluting and energy-efficient, our diverse selections of exit signs are designed to meet your specific needs. Install a LED exit sign without hassle along your facility’s stairways, passageways, corridors, and exit doors.  No need to stress about finding a power source for your signs, either. Seton’s LED exit signs come with dual voltage capacities and battery back-up features.

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When it comes to evacuation of a building during an emergency, exit signs play a crucial role.

Emergency situations that occur in business establishments and other enclosed spaces can lead to significant losses, in terms of life, property and damage costs.  However, effective and timely safety protocols can significantly reduce the losses that from such occurrences. LED exit signs are designed to meet that objective by indicating the emergency exits of an establishment.  Make sure that your facility is ready for crisis situations by installing LED exit signs.

Provide your establishment with efficient emergency exit lights and LED exit signs.

Federal regulations require businesses to have the proper exit signs installed near all escape routes. Exit signs that are placed at strategic points, such as along corridors, passageways, stairways, and atop exit doors, are crucial in maintaining safety during a crisis.  Among the range of exit signs available today, LED exit signs are among the most reliable variants that you can utilize. Their design allows them to produce lesser heat with roughly the same amount of power that other models use.  As a result, a LED exit sign is more efficient and effective compared to other types of exit signs. 

Help workers find escape routes quickly and safely with LED exit signs from Seton.

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