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Pipe Markers and Valve Tags

Mark and identify pipes, valves and equipment with our wide variety of pipe markers and valve tags

Pipe markers adhere to or wrap around the surface of pipes, and are used to identify pipe contents, direction of flow and whether those contents are hazardous or safe. The ANSI/ASME A13.1 standard specifies the primary and secondary means of identifying pipe contents, as well as the size, color and placement of the identification device. Seton’s pipe markers are available in several styles, sizes and colors. Choose in-stock wording or customize your pipe markers with your own unique message.

Valve tags are also used to identify the valves associated with specific pipes. It is crucial for workers to know the exact pipe contents to keep all personnel in their facility safe. Other common applications for valve tags include valve identification, operational information or even equipment numbering directly at the point of need.

Both pipe markers and valve tags can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Self-Adhesive Pipe Markers are an economical way to mark pipes

Use self-adhesive vinyl to just peel and stick these pipe markers into place. They are ideal for clean, dry pipes. Printed with UV ink for fade resistance, these markers have a 5-year average indoor life. Seton’s Opti-Code™ Pipe Markers make up one of our top-selling self-adhesive pipe marker brands.


Snap-Around Pipe Markers are quick and easy to install

Snap-around pipe markers are ideal for dirty, oily, greasy or rough surfaces. There is no need to clean pipes before installing. These pre-coiled heavy vinyl pipe markers snap into place. No tape or adhesives are necessary. They are printed with UV ink for fade resistance and have a 5- to 8-year average indoor/outdoor life. Seton’s most popular snap-around pipe marker includes our complete line of Setmark® Pipe Markers.


High Performance Pipe MarkersHigh Performance Pipe Markers stand up to rough environments and extreme temperatures

These pipe markers resist chemicals, abrasion and outdoor weather. They are constructed of wrap around polyester. High performance pipe markers are ideal for stainless and nickel pipes and they have a 5-to 8-year average outdoor life. Seton’s Ultra-Mark® Pipe Markers are a good choice for high performance pipe markers.


SpecialtySpecialty Pipe Markers are the ultimate in pipe identification

Seton’s specialty pipe markers include fire protection markers in compliance with ANSI/ASME A13.1 red color requirements as well as letter height and length of field. Markers that identify oxygen, medical gas, ammonia and other pipe contents are also available. Seton has a complete offering of both self-adhesive and snap-around for Medical Gas, Ammonia, Insulation and more..


Roll Form Pipe MarkersRoll Form Pipe Markers come in convenient rolls of 50 markers

Seton’s roll form pipe markers are constructed of tough and durable heavy-duty 5-mil self-adhesive vinyl. These pipe markers are laminated for protection against chemicals and weather. They feature perforated arrows which can be removed and placed on either side of the marker to indicate flow in either direction.


Brass Valve TagsBrass Valve Tags enable workers to identify valves associated with specific pipes

Seton brass valve tags are available with common preset legends and numbers stocked and available for immediate shipping. Blank valve tags are available in many different sizes, and can be stamped or engraved with your own number sequences, tag text or legend for any application.


Aluminum Valve TagsAluminum & Stainless Steel valve tags are durable and able to withstand harsh environments

Seton steel valve tags provide are available in aluminum and stainless steel options for all types of facilities. Blank valve tags in many different sizes and shapes allow you to stamp or engrave your own number sequences, tag text or legend for any application. Stainless steel valve tags are extremely easy to clean and can be sanitized repeatedly, making them ideal for food processing, medical and chemical applications.


Anodized Valve TagsAnodized Aluminum valve tags are ideal for color-coding identification

Anodized aluminum valve tags in both color-coded legends and numbers allow for quick identification of contents. Seton also offers blanks in many different sizes, shapes and colors so you to customize your valve tags and your messaging any way you want. Custom Fire Sprinkler Valve ID Tags are available in this material for an easy-to-see, bright red finish.


Plastic Valve TagsPlastic & SetonplyⓇ Valve Tags are highly visible for quick identification

Plastic valve tags are available for both single or double-sided stamping as well as write-on and pre-numbered applications for different shape and size options. Seton’s Engraved SetonplyⓇ Valve Tags can be customized with tag text or legends as well as write-on blanks are offered in many shapes and colors perfect for color-coding a facility. Customize your valve tags and add your messaging any way you want.


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